Snails are a vital part of your tiny ecosystem. They clean glass, eat algae, and break down waste and excess food into bite size peices for bacteria. I love what people call "pest" snails. They've never caused a problem in any of my tanks and they sure keep things clean. They reproduce in accordance with the food available. If they are getting a little out of control think about feeding a bit less or using this trick.


These shrimp do very well in Walstad setups and can handle a wide range of temperatures and water parameters comparatively to other species. BUT shrimp are sensitive so do your research on proper care. I generally wait at least 6 weeks after setting up a walstad tank before adding shrimp and always drip acclimate. For the first 6 weeks soil will create ammonia spikes which can harm shrimp. Check out my resources page for proper care! I've linked all of these to Buce plant because I've had awesome experiences with their shrimp.

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